The Devil Is In It is a must read for anyone with a passion for music and the acoustic guitar. Anyone curious to understand how a once little regarded, and at times little respected instrument completely reshaped 20th century music.

The book not not only presents a fascinating musical and social history of the acoustic guitar but explores “guitar acquisition syndrome”, how the modern acoustic guitar developed, and reveals some of the extraordinary stories that explain why the guitar is “the defining instrument of our age”

 The Devil Is In It explores the history behind the defining instrument of the 20th century; the journey the Spanish guitar made from Europe to America and the authors decent into guitar obsession. It joins the dots between the various iterations of the acoustic guitar – from a small bodied gut-strung instrument designed for the genteel parlours of 18th century Europe and East Coast America to the steel strung Modified Dreadnought played on 21st century concert stages.

Collector's Edition Photo.jpgThe Devil Is In It – Collector’s Edition

The Devil Is In It is not another book of dream guitar pictures linked by a series of well-worn captions. The book is written, illustrated and crafted to sit alongside any collection of guitars, be they vintage Martins or bespoke boutique models from todays top makers.  

This individually numbered, limited Collector’s Edition of 300, are assembled by hand and bound with cloth-covered cased covers. 

Each 380 page hardback book is section sewn and and printed on 140gsm uncoated Woodfree archive quality paper with a ridged and deckled fore-edge. 

16 original Drew Christie hand-tinted illustrations are printed independently on 157gsm art paper and each 7” x 51/4” plate added-in to the book by hand. 

The book is available exclusively from The Orpharion Press