JohnniesHelpDesk is really my journal. It’s a place where I store all the interesting stuff about the stuff I’m interested in… photography, Leica camera’s, small bodied acoustic guitars, music, cooking, eating, coffee, bikes and cycling, London’s disappearing villages, DIY, fixing stuff, tech and because I’ve spent most of my life working in the worlds of advertising and branding, a little bit of that too. It’s called Johnnies Help Desk because many friends have used me as a Help Desk on these and other things, so I thought I’d formalise the role and populate this blog with the stuff I’ve found out about the things that really interest me.

The categories are pretty self explanatory – the CD and Vinyl sections are either new music I’ve found or thoughts on old CDs or vinyl recently revisted; Quintessence is invariably just stuff (objects) that I like… that seem to me the most perfect embodiment of  an item, be it a pencil, a chair, a Thermos flask or a watch… things that have stood the test of time, for me at least.

Finally a word about the pictures. Just above and to the left is a picture of my new bike – I’ve recently taken delivery and am very chuffed with it – a simple street bike based on a 1970’s Falcon Reynolds 531 road frame. It has been ‘created’ by the magical Hutch at Retro di Corsa.

The picture at the top of the blog is, I think rather surprisingly, by Robert Capa – more famous for his conflict photo’s and particularly that iconic image from the Spanish Civil War. The picture was taken in 1951 in Biarritz… then the Summer haunt of the rich and famous. I’ve always wondered what game they are playing? I’m always intrigued by the expression on the face of the ‘I’ve seen it all’ Maitre’D. If you know what’s happening or think you know…or want to make an educated guess please leave a comment.

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